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The Gardener

Composer and pianist Julien Brocal shares an introspective and hopeful perspective on nature, art, and human connection. In collaboration with violinist Caroline Goulding, the two bring his philosophy to life through music.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production

The Stainless Stealer Steals the Universe

A lyrical poetic-performance film featuring Alexander Calder's sculpture, the Stainless Stealer and Julien Brocal on piano.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production

Visual poetry film inspired by Patrick Dougherty's sculpture, Daydreams. Music by Eunice Kim and Julien Brocal.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production
Reverence - Beethoven's Quartet

Visual poetry film inspired by Mark di Suvero's sculpture, Beethoven's Quartet, with music by the Dover String Quartet.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production
Sun Streaming

Visual poetry film. Music drives the light across a wide Montana landscape. Music by Eunice Kim.

A Tippet Rise Art Center Production
Enter the Wind

A short poetic film by Kathy Kasic about the interplay between culture and nature.

Performance for Tippet Rise Art Center

Music Composed by Julien Brocal, performed by Julien Brocal and Caroline Goulding

Loose Horses Trailer

Loose Horses is a PBS documentary about unwanted horses in the United States.

Producer: Barb Marshall
Director / Camera: Kathy Kasic
Syzygy: Life in a Healthy Constellation

syz·y·gy: (sizij?) noun

Astronomy: an alignment of three celestial objects, such as the sun, the earth, and the moon or a planet in a gravitational system. Biology: the pairing of chromosomes in meiosis. Philosophy: a close union.

Syzygy was a live cinema performance in August 2015 at the Kyma International Sound Symposium with musicians Kiyoung Lee and Ha-Young Park.
Sacks 30 second spot

A 30 second spot for Sacks Thrift Store.

Producer / Camera: Kathy Kasic
Editor: Kathy Kasic
Against the Current

Produced for Trout Unlimited, "Against the Current" underscores the importance of healthy rivers and streams in the arid West. This film tells the story of a rancher who, after 70 years, restored water to the stream that feeds his ranch. Completed in 2007.
Producer / Camera: Kathy Kasic

Awards: Winner- American Conservation Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival/ Tour, Winner- Great Falls Fly Fishing Film Festival, + more
Introducing Montana's First Nations

"Introducing Montana's First Nations to the World"
Indian Nations across Montana

Mercury Advertising / Distill Productions for the Montana Office of Tourism

Camera: Kathy Kasic

View on Montana Office of Tourism Website

National Geographic / Star Alliance

This short film documents the reintroduction of the grey wolf to Yellowstone National Park after 70 years' absence, showing just one of the amazing things that happen when you bring global organisations together.

Camera: Kathy Kasic
A Little Creek Named Watkins
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It’s easy to overlook small tributary creeks, but they play a big role in ensuring river health—and fishing opportunities. In this video, Lyndy Caine of Firehole Ranch in Montana speaks about her collaboration with TU to preserve healthy flows and habitat in Watkins Creek, which serves as a wild trout nursery for Hebgen Lake.

A New River

Produced for Trout Unlimited National Western Water Project.

The destruction of Spread Creek dam near Jackson, Wyoming.

Pitchfork Ranch - Trout Unlimited

Produced for Trout Unlimited National Western Water Project.

The ranch manager for the Pitchfork Ranch in WY talks about river conservation.

The Madison River Valley

Produced for Trout Unlimited and Trust for Public Land to help protect the Madison River Valley.

The Fishman - BBC

Produced for BBC. "The FIshman" received over 8 million viewers on BBC, and traveled to numerous film festivals, including: Banff, Telluride, Wild and Scenic, Wildscreen, Jackson Wildlife Film Festival and International Wildlife Film Festival. Read an article in the Billings Gazette about the film.

Completed in 2009.